Saturday, September 12, 2015

RIP Frankie the Bear

Frankie past away in the summer of 2014
He was diagnosed with a tumours in his stomach.
Although we don't believe thats what took our poor Frankie.
He went missing, we searched for days. One morning our neighbour across the road came over and said they found a dead cat in their garage. Mr. B. Went over to investigate and sure enough it was our Frankie... He must have been their for days.
We strive to keep the kitties indoors, but sometimes it's impossible for the run out fast...
But, the last day I saw poor Bear was the morning he disappeared...By this time Frankie was peeing and throwing up in the house due to his illness. But he was still eating and walking about....I sent him outdoors in the summer sun, in our fenced back yard so I could clean up the mess. ( an action I regret doing, for he must of slipped under the gate and crossed the road to the neighbours house.)
3 days later our neighbour came over, with the sad news....but it looked like he may have been struck by a car. It was hard to tell, after being in the neighbours garage so long and in the summer heat.
Rest in peace Frankie, your gentle way is very much missed....your daddy crys for you often. You were loved.

Monday, January 14, 2013

                                                    Or "Bear" as daddy calls him...what a big cat!

                                         Twice the size of most cats but, a gentle cat.
He loves the out doors and will try to be out there as much as I allow.
                                            Frankie loves to play and hide in Christmas wrap
brothers by choice, Frankie and Snuggles

                                          He was raised by his adopted mommy Tabbitha
                                     lower right, she wasn't afraid to give her big boy a whack when
                                                                     he needed it!
                                               Below~ Mommy kissing her big boy

                                Frankie was rescued from the vets as an unwanted kitten,
                                 the minute Mr.B saw him he asked who he belonged to?                                                                      
                                                       The vet says anyone who wants him....
                                                          so Frankie the Bear found a home.

                                                                      Below~Mr B's Tabbies!
                                                          Snuggels (L) Tabbitha (C) Frankie (R)
                                                                    All three are tabby cats
                                                                          chow time
                                                               See ya later....